Imagine a World Without ISPU...

Are you frustrated by negative and inaccurate news coverage of Muslims? 

Are you concerned about the bullying of Muslim children? 

Do you worry about caring for your aging parents? 

Navigating these and other daily challenges can be tough, and solutions are hard to find. But ISPU is here to help. We envision a vibrant and truly pluralistic America, where Muslims are strong and equal participants, and believe relevant, rigorous research will help us get there. We believe that facts matter. And that effective solutions are better than band-aids. If you share this vision, help make our research possible by fundraising for or donating to our campaign today.

The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) is renowned as the only organization focused exclusively on providing research-based solutions to some of American Muslims’ most pressing challenges. Since 2002, we have been at the forefront of combating fear and misinformation, highlighting and safeguarding the truth, amplifying the voices of American Muslims, and informing community development.

Every day, I see firsthand the impact our research has on people when they first encounter it: Their eyes light up, a light bulb goes on, they have “aha” moments. Our data does that. It answers questions people want answered and provides a pathway forward, especially for those looking to make change.

Scott Cooper is one of these people. As the Director of National Security Outreach at Human Rights First, he needs strong facts to support his advocacy work. And ISPU is his go-to resource. 

“There’s a common narrative today that ‘Muslims all want shariah law,’” Cooper says. “How do you push back against that? I turn to ISPU and their research. Among the things they found from some of their polling is that there is actually a direct correlation between how devout a Muslim is and how patriotic they are. That data I have used over and over again when speaking to people that are not of a similar mind as me.”

There’s so many more people like Scott Cooper, and we know there are even more we can connect with. Can I count on you to be an ISPU hero by supporting our work? Your donation will fund projects like: 

  • Muslims for American Progress (MAP), which allows us all to get to know American Muslims through stories of their everyday lives and data about their contributions to this country

  • Islamophobia 2050: Restrictive Measures Map, which helps advocacy groups across the nation form coalitions by mapping the introduction of restrictive measures across states and organizing by policymaker and topic

  • Deep-dive training for journalists, which provides a foundation of knowledge that allows them to accurately report on American Muslims and the issues that impact them

Simply put, without your support, ISPU wouldn’t exist. Can you imagine a world without ISPU? Neither can we. Donate today to ensure ISPU not only survives but thrives. 

- Meira Neggaz, ISPU Executive Director


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